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English Bay, Vancouver. This is my head canon ending. Your space magic is invalid.

Prints available at Society 6

No. Sorry. NO. This is also my head-canon, but pictures like this ruin it.

I adore me some Shenko-ness, and Mass Effect for including Vancouver, but I live in Vancouver, and if you were in this building looking at English Bay you are looking NORTH. You won’t see the sun at this time of day. 

This is actual English Bay at Sunset (looking north):

- I live in Vancouver

- The sun isn’t in the painting, just the glow of clouds and their reflection. The lighting on the buildings and characters clearly indicate the sun is off camera to the left. I’d rather have a slightly inaccurate sun position in order to include the elements I need for the mood of the piece (sunset, mountains, downtown buildings)

- ruin? really?

I love it. In my ending Shepard also lives. ;p But this pic looks a bit like just-a-dream… that never happened. Never came true. Nostalgic. Maybe this is it?

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